N++ was developed by ExpertApp, a software company specialized in creating engineering and architectural CAD-based applications, with a focus on integrated sustainable design and optimization of the existing building energy operations.

Our main goal is to allow architects, engineers and energy professionals develop and manage building energy models in a timely fashion, analyze multiple design scenarios through either desktop or cloud-based simulation, before they make the decision about the optimal project solution.

N++ is the building energy modeling software based on the latest version of EnergyPlus simulation engine (currently V8.1). It offers a new approach to the world of building energy modeling. It is built on the principles that building energy modeling should be fast, flexible, easy to maintain, and most importantly visual, thanks to the CAD-like environment that fits in the design process.

Main features:

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Fast model creation in CAD-like environment

  • All N++ objects follow the EnergyPlus objects structure

  • Drag and drop of the main Energy Plus objects

  • Import of raster and dxf drawings for fast zone tracing

  • Enhanced parametric analysis and optimization through jEPlus and GenOpt

  • Parallel simulation on desktop computer, local network or cloud services (currently via JESS server)

  • Case tagging of the objects that allows multiple model versions in the project (Proposed design, LEED baseline, Code compliance ...)

  • 3D orbit view and editing of the model geometry

  • Lighting and Electric equipment count

  • Graphical representation of the simulation results

  • EnergyPlus model import and export

  • SVG viewer of the model diagrams

  • Enhanced HTML report viewer